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2004-07-06 - 5:51 p.m.

Sweet, sweet John Edwards. And Marijuana.

Oh, thank heaven. Kerry, Edwards, 2004. Picking John Edwards is the most intelligent thing Kerry has done yet. Edwards has the charisma of Clinton, and his reform policies look better than both Dean and Gephardt's radical liberal policies. Of course, I do live in North Carolina, so I may be biased. Hopefully with their power combined they can stop the rampaging idiot known as George W. Bush.

So. That's over. Now onto what I've been doing. Last night I, in a serious lack of judgement, got stoned and then went to the beach to swim. At eleven PM. Does that not sound like a bad idea? Thankfully, I didn't drown. captainjesus-1, Mother Nature-0. Then, I painted a chessboard and made spaghetti. What a wonderful thing to do.

Today is my brother's birthday, so I'm going to go grill out with the family, then I might console my best friend whose grandmother just passed away. Or I might go hit on some chick who works up the road. ...I just can't decide.

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