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2005-02-01 - 5:20 p.m.

...error, you are fucked.

Sometimes, I just want to put on a bunny suit and scream.

My beautiful, wonderful, pristine, powerful, godlike computer is dead. Well, not dead. It's out of commission...because it's video card is shot. Of course, Dell support is clueless, so after about nine hours of working on it (I stayed up til 6 AM), I have concluded that I'm just gonna have to send it back into Dell.

Which puts me without a computer for about 10 days. That'll be nice. I mean, it's not like I'm majoring in Computer Science or anything.

Oh, and I have to write an 8 page paper on an article about flying-goddamn-squirrels by TOMORROW. Analyzing writing techniques on flying squirrels. Sweet jesus.

In the words of Boy George, I'm a Karma Chameleon.

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