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2005-02-09 - 1:32 a.m.

too apathetic for a meaningful title

You know, I really don't care for this 'school' thing.

That aforementioned paper on Flying Squirrels...well, the first draft ended up being 9 pages. Mind you, the minimum was 5. So I was kicking ass in my mind. Well, I got the draft back from my professor, and he was going on and on about how I could provide even more support in the body. Also, he said I was a good writer, but I had a tendency to add rhetorical flourish and wax poetic.

I'm sorry, I thought I was in a fucking english class. You, sir, can blow me, because I am the shit. I can write perfectly well, thank you.

Anyway, I just finished the final draft, which weighs in at 12 pages, 3,800 words. On an article about flying squirrels.

My physics exam today was simple, it justifies the fact that I skipped at least half of those classes. You know, the fact that I got my scholarships renewed last semester on a 3.1 kinda just made me realize I can be a lazy bastard, get away with it, and keep having my money renewed.

People keep telling me I need to enjoy my time now, so I'm taking them up on it. I lay around all day, I might go to a few classes, I read, watch some movies, do ComedyWorx (easily the most rewarding thing going right now), and then I might...emphasize the might...do some homework.

In other news, I'm coming home this weekend after a month of being away. That'll be pretty cool.

Stay tuned, I'm writing new parts to my story, of which I may post excerpts to this very journal. <3

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