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2005-02-25 - 4:48 p.m.

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Some people should not be allowed to breathe. For example, take Lindsay Lohan's father. He evidently threatened to kill his wife and children, according to divorce papers filed yesterday, but he's going on and on about how all his previous publicity helped his daughter's career. To go even further, he told ABC in an interview that he's interested in doing a reality TV show that would follow him and his family through the divorce.

What a bastard, to capitalize on something like that. Some people deserved to have electrodes attached to their balls.

In other news, I cannot recall a time when I have been this happy. Everything in life is great. This is punctuated by my new "relationship," whatever that may entail. Honestly, I don't really care too much. All I know is that when we spend together we are supremely happy, and that's enough for me.

However, it is kinda detracting from school. I have a Java midterm on Monday and I've skipped at least 75% of those classes. Seriously. It might even be higher. Its open book, open notes, and I fucking destroy the programming labs, so I think I'll be fine if I do some cramming before the midterm. It isn't like Java is some abstract concept...it's pretty simple, really.

Oh, Iron and Wine, you make me so happy.

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