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2005-02-27 - 7:24 p.m.

double standard, anyone?

Ten years after a landmark U.N. conference adopted a platform aimed at global equality for women, the United States is demanding that a declaration issued by a follow-up meeting make clear that women are not guaranteed a right to abortion.

Hey, fuck you, current US Administration. Are you women? Not most of you. Do you get to tell the world what to do?

Well, you've been trying to do it, but let's just stop and think. Hmmm...the United States makes up roughly 7-8 percent (450 million of 6.1 billion) people on the earth. Perhaps we shouldn't tell the others in this world, or specifically women outside our country, what rights they are or are not guaranteed. Especially if we are pushing our "freedom for everyone" bullshit.


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